Dear “I’m a Mac” parody makers

Please stop. Stop now. I’m sure the first person to parody Apple’s “Get a Mac” computer ads thought they were pretty clever. It may have been so. But many months later, with everyone and their mom creating them for everything from browsers, to virtualisation software, to talking about how a Mac sucks for playing games… well, it’s not only old, it’s damn annoying. Every time I see a new one posted in someone’s “Ma.gnolia”: links, I want to punch a shark. I love the originals, and John Hodgman is a comic genius, but after so many shit “parody” versions, I’m starting to have a hard time watching the originals. So stop it. Please. I know copying Apple is a long-standing and hallowed business practise for many out there, but that doesn’t mean you should, or that making a knock-off works in your favour. The makers of the “Opera”: family of browsers have done it multiple times, and it’s making me want to stop using their browser (I use Opera Mini on my Blackberry).

So really, if you want my attention and eventual patronage, find some other method of advertising. Hire an agency… that’s what Apple has done, and you love to copy them. And to those of you making your “just for fun / show how much you hate Apple” parody videos: Play time is over. It’s getting old. You might want to consider going outside and throwing a frisbee around or something.