No love for the Snake?

I’ll admit I’m a bit obsessed with good podcasts (and I’ve always loved video tutorials, so therefor screencasts are a godsend). I probably look for new podcasts to subscribe to every week. Not that I listen to them all the time (some I add and listen to once before discarding), and frankly some just annoy me in their “hey, let’s make this sound like talk radio with all the annoying sound effects and interstitials” approach, but still… when I find a good one, I’m all over that thing like the press corps on an “outted homosexual republican.”: Example: the “Maniacal Rage Podcast”: (neĆ© Garrett Murray Podcast)… I listen to the show perhaps a bit too much. And I’m always showing off “Dinner With The Band”: to friends that come by my house.

So why on earth can I not find a “Django-related”: pod-or-screencast (preferably the latter, but hey I’ll take what I can get)? There have to be a bajillion PHP and RoR(Ruby on Rails) pod and screencasts out there, but I can’t seem to even find anything even remotely Python-related (not that I want a hardcore Python coding talkshow… but it would be a step in the right direction). Django seems ripe to be picked by some podcaster, but no one seems to have jumped on it.

h4. Why do you care?

I care because I’m currently teaching myself how to build apps in Django, and I can only read so much text before I want to die a thousand deaths of fiery DOOM. I’m visual, and at very least I’m more auditory than I am a straight-up textual learner. I’ve watched about every Django “screencast” (which sadly has been misappropriated by people to label any video tutorial they happen to do… bastards) out there–some are drastically out of date–and frankly I need something more.

h4. Okay, why don’t you do it?

Yes, I do have radio experience, audio production history and a soothing set of pipes that translate well to radio, but frankly I don’t know enough about the actual subject. I’m the person who needs not the person who provides.

So, um, yes… anyone know of any Django podcasts out there? And if not, I officially nominate “Jeff Croft”: to do it.