Trusera officially launches

Let’s just say last night was a busy night here in Seattle. We officially launched the all-new “”: at 9pm Pacific Time.

==Busy bees as we launched new Trusera

The devs running scripts to migrate old site info to new site


Not only is it an all-new site (new code, new design, lots of new features), it’s our official exit from beta testing. Gone are the hip “beta” tags from our logos and pages, replaced simply by a much faster, much better online experience. Apparently the new site is clocking in at 2.5 times faster than the old (and painstakingly speed-optimised) site, without any intentional speed optimisation. For you non-tech-nerds out there, that means the site is fast and the experience is smooth.

As 9pm rolled around, Keith (Schorsch, our founder and ceo) gathered his two boys and stood poised over a shiny metal button, connected via a USB cable to a laptop, ready to trigger the final script that would open the new site.

==Keith and his boys press the button to officially launch Trusera==

Last night’s pandemonium has spilled over into today, with bloggers and news organisations pouring stories about Trusera into the web’s bubbling cauldron. I’ve been overhearing (easy to do when you work in a giant loft space) all sorts of gasps and exclamations today… exponential growth in hits per second, articles from BusinessWeek and ABC News… it’s been exciting.


Stories on Trusera (live updating)

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So, of course, I invite you to check out the “brand new site”: Take a look around, read some health experiences, and maybe “request membership”: I can’t wait to hear what people think of the new features (question and answers, the muse panel suggestion boxes when creating stories, etc) and especially since this is the first real launch with my design input, how you think it looks.