For those not up to speed

On Inauguration Day, I had a seizure while talking about the M’s with the eye doctor dkr and I share.

Early February, I had an object the size of a plum surgically plucked from my skull. A granuloma, to be exact.

Late February introduced the idea of blood clots in my leg due to the surgery. A filter in my veins, anti-coagulant injections every morning delivered by my fiancée.

Slow, bizarre recovery, but I am here.

This is the absolute bare minimum in detail (lots of other crazy, painful, maddening detail, but I’m not up for it right now), but I will be documenting the past month and a half on my account at Trusera.

How’s that for irony… help build and design a site for sharing health experience, then get battered with one of the most overwhelming health experiences you can imagine—well short of the one that led to Trusera.