Trusera nominated for the SXSW People’s Choice

Just a quick update and request for the 5 of you who read the site: Recently, “Trusera”: was nominated for the “South by South West 2009 Interactive Festival’s People’s Choice Award”: Yep, that’s a mouthful, but it’s also pretty damn flattering for us. Well, you know what would be even more flattering (and would look pretty nice framed on a wall or mentioned on my accolades page)? If we won the award due to your votes.

Since it is a People’s Choice award, you can not only vote, you can vote multiple times… once a day until 6 March. It’s pretty easy, and by selecting and voting, you’re increasing the amount of love I have for you. And really, you and I both know how crucial that is. Do it… for us.

Did I mention I’m recovering from brain surgery? Yeah, but seriously, this is my normal humour, and the award is real. So, really, “help us out.”: