It’s been a while. Again.

So my last post to this blog was nearly 6 years ago. And it was about the iPhone 3GS, and people complaining about prices. My how things change. At the time I was just starting with TeachStreet. I was engaged and a year away from marrying my wife. I was fresh from a major surgery that February.

Fast forward to now and… people are complaining about the price of an Apple product—namely, the $10k+ Apple Watch Edition, which you don’t need so why are you complaining about it?—demoed today. I worked at TeachStreet until we were acqui-hired by Amazon in 2012, and I was there until a fresh surgery in February caused me to leave and re-evaluate my priorities, namely, my wife of five years and my amazingly unbelievably cool daughter, Beatrix.

Maybe things don’t sound that different after all, but I’ve got some things up my sleeve, and while this site has soldiered on (and handled the transition to mobile-everything in an okay fashion), I’m working on something to replace it. A usurper, if you will. But while I work that out, and while I recover from this surgery (more on that soon… I desperately want to get back to blogging), keep in mind that I’ll soon be looking for new opportunities to make products, new and old, delightful. I’m getting cabin fever, my brain is back in top form, and as always, I’m an opinionated bastard who gives a shit.

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