The never-ending struggle of blogging

Wherein I complain about how hard it is to effectively complain online.

It’s been a very long time since I was a consistent blogger1. Last year, during my “funemployment”2, my goal was to completely rebuild my 10+ years old site, and start blogging again. I would be recovering from surgery at the same time3 and would have nothing better to do for a period of at least a month or two.

Naturally, that didn’t happen. I only managed to update the software running my site—which seems to be down at the moment—and set up this other blog, which for some reason I thought would be easier and would lead me to post more. As you can see by the single post, before this one, that didn’t happen either.

I would have a grand re-entry into blogging, I supposed, by writing about something massively frustrating4 and related to my field, user experience. I did research, I framed out a skeleton of the post. And then it sat for months. I got enthused a month or so back, and sat down and did what I do best—throw down a thousand words or so in a single go. The post was fleshed out, but I needed to edit a bit, as I’d written via my phone. Back into hibernation. When I finally did the polish work yesterday, I decided I’d try to record one of the frustrating interactions on my phone. After 20 minutes of trying to replicate the bug, I realized that—holy shit—they’d fixed it.

I should be elated, but suddenly, the blog post was moot, at least in its current form5. The frustration was real. I’ve come to terms with it, but have now resolved to just say “fuck it” and get back to writing freeform, warts and all.

At least I’ll post something.

  1. See my old blog.
  2. God, I hate that term.
  3. Don’t ask. I’ll blog about that eventually.
  4. i.e., the broken state of shuffle in music apps
  5. I will try to rework it as an example of lingering bugs that seem simple but destroy an experience