Version Three

Okay, so I promised to go more into depth on version three of this fabulous site. It’s 2:30 (which is 3:30, really, because day light saving just switched) and I just returned from a Halloween party, so I’ll take a few minutes and say hey and explain why this site is such a big deal.…

Six Eh Em

It is 6am. It is Saturday morning. It is DONE[1]. Welcome to version three point zero. More on this later. A lot more. I cannot see straight. I am going to bed. fn1. There is a rendering bug in the Create section in Firefox. I’m aware of this.


I just added a live preview to the comment form. If you start typing a comment on a post, look below, and you’ll get a preview of what it’ll look like. Useful for making sure it looks right. Let me know if you have problems

Welcome to v2

It is here… It has been six months in development (well, side development… I do have school and work to deal with), with an especially arduous past week of almost non-stop work. The style sheet made some major changes over the past few days, and I also took the liberty to upgrade to version 1.5…